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Used Parts

Every used part is tested prior shipping (electronic parts) all the other parts are inspected to damage and all our parts are marked with a special sign. If there are some minor but noticeable defects, they are always pointed out and shown in pictures. So ALWAYS read the description and carefully study the pictures.  In case there is some unmarked flaw detected, please contact us, preferably with pictures where the flaw is shown. We review complaints no longer than 3 days after item is received. After this time the item CANNOT be returned. REFUND is possible only after the item has been returned to us and we have inspected it.


New Parts

We can only offer the warranty covered by the manufacturer of the part in question. This concerns the BMW OEM and aftermarket parts. In case any flaw or damage is detected, the item must be returned in the original undamaged packaging. In order to refund the item value we must deliver it to supplier or manufacturer and only after they have confirmed it is a warranty case we can return the funds