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We are a company consisting purely of BMW fanatics. Thing, that started as a passionate hobby, has now turned into a worldwide business.

We have more than 15 years of combined experience on working with BMWs.We repair, restore, upgrade them and provide parts for every customer . We can supply genuine BMW parts, both new and used, also other high quality aftermarket parts. We can provide individual and complex solutions, from powdercoated brake calipers , to rebuilt complete wheel hubs, complete axles and even engines if that is specified.

Apart from genuine parts and their alternates we offer a range of improved performance parts, such as polyurethane bushing sets, street or race spec suspension sets, performance brake components and many more items and their options.

We also break down old or totaled vehicles – therefore we can offer used parts in a very wide range, from a small bolt to complete assemblies as well as exclusive and individual parts.  We are passionate and careful in our work, to be able to offer the highest quality used parts. Our parts always arrive well packaged and cleaned as far as this is possible.

Our stock is being updated weekly both in breaking vehicles and new part listings. If you are not entirely sure about something, we suggest to always contact us, prior purchase to make sure the chosen part fits your vehicle and its specification.