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This is a step by step tutorial on how to track the item you have purchased.

STEP 1 - Log in to your account

STEP 2 - Recent orders list is displayed, here you can see main details of your package, for more information click the [Click for more details] button

STEP 3 - The specific items shipping information is displayed, tracking number, shipping date, estimated arrival date might not be added since different countries have vastly different durations. select and copy the tracking number.

STEP 4 - Open another tab or window on your web browser and open page (there are also other pages available, but we have worked with this one for years and it has not let us down). Paste the tracking number in the Post/EMS field and click [TRACK!]

STEP 5 - Tracking details are displayed.

OPTIONAL STEP 6 - For more specific details or local tracking information, click the [SELECT COUNTRY] button

OPTIONAL STEP 7 - List of all the available countries is displayed

OPTIONAL STEP 8 - Select your country (USA in this particular case)

OPTIONAL STEP 9 - Actual progress of your items delivery process is displayed.

DISCLAIMER - We gladly ship our items WORLDWIDE, however there are countries in which the local tracking systems might not work, in this case when the delivery time is over and the item has not arrived, we usually suggest to visit the local Post offices, this aplies also if the postal service has left a notice for you (in case noone was present at the time of delivery)