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This is step by step tutorial on how to correctly purchase items in our store


STEP 1, find the item you are interested in and click button labeled [ADD TO CART]

STEP 2 find the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the page

STEP 3 click on the button [CHECKOUT]

STEP 4 the Checkout menu is opened with following submenus

STEP 5 Select [BILLING INFORMATION] submenu and CAREFULLY enter all the data, Name/Surname/Phone/Address etc

STEP 6 Select the [SHIPPING INFORMATION] and recheck reenter the data VERY CAREFULLY in the requested fields.


STEP 7 the shipping amount is displayed for confirmation, if it is correct please click [CONTINUE], if not please contact us via email

STEP 8 Choose the payment information/method, select [PAYPAL] (most common payment system) click [CONTINUE]

STEP 9 the finalisation of your purchase, all the order information is displayed, if everything matches click [PLACE ORDER]

STEP 10 you are redirected to your paypal account, Login to your paypal and make the payment