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Standard Shipping

We ship worldwide and do our best to get the shipments mailed the same or next working day however customer should pay attention to following situations

As there are many countries and to some of those the delivery time can depend on either the local Postal office and Customs, as well as there can be delays due to transit shipments that cannot be shipped directly but through USA for example (Mexico/Latin America etc)

At delivery customer should also consider national holidays, as this can slow the delivery down in case during this holiday Postal office/Customs don’t process the incoming shipments. Unfortunately these are things we cannot influence from our side.


Worldwide shipping is divided in 3 large regions depending on delivery time mainly.

European Union/Norway:  1-3 weeks 

USA/Canada/Australia:  2-4 weeks

Rest of the World (Central America, South America, Asia, Africa):  4-6 weeks


Shipping time varies this much as there are countries that wait until a recquired weight or number of items has piled up from customs or transit countries and only when the limit is reached they deliver the items to customers individually

Express and Combined shipping

there are situations when multiple items are purchased, and we can arrange combined shipping which is usually less expensive for the customer, if that is requires please contact us and we will arrange a combined package.

In case express shipping is required it can be arranged but we don't list it since the costs can vary so greatly from country to country and this or that shipping company.


In case you notice the items packaging being damaged it is your obligation to notify either the courier who has delivered it or the postal worker who is handing the parcel to you, the item must be opened at once, and in case item is dmaged you have to write a claim or application about this fact, if that is not done no refund is possible as insurance company does not cover it (if damaged item is unpacked later)