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We mail our items from Latvia which is located in EUROPE

due to this fact there are countries to which the items arrive sooner and coutries that take more time as there may not be direct flights and items travel in transit through other countries.


We mostly mail with standard economy shipping in order to offer the best possible price on shipping, there are faster (but much more expensive options) if you are interested in this please contact us via


USA and North America - estimated delivery time - 2-4 weeks

Central and South Americaestimated delivery time - 4-6 weeks

Europe - estimated delivery time - 1-3 weeks

Africa, Asia and Australia - estimated delivery time - 3-5 weeks


Please take into account that postal services don't work in national holidays and therefore some additional delays may occur, we are only their client just like you, we mail the item to you but everything between us as seller and you as a buyer is dealt by global logistics, WE CANNOT INFLUENCE THIS in any way.