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Return policy

We guarantee a complete refund or free exchange within 14 days after receiving the order in the following cases:

Incorrect part (the item you receive is different than what was paid for):

Inspect your parts once you receive them. If you receive an incorrect item, contact us immediately. We need pictures of the incorrect item and of the box it came in before sending out your replacement or refund.

IMPORTANT if the customer has realised he has purchased wrong item on his own behalf, we keep 15% of the return value, to compensate all the hassle that is caused NOT by our (seller) fault. If customer wants a refund or correct part, in this case he/she also pays the amount of customs (if there are any) for whatever reason customs officer charges this, (usually when the item is being repackaged and sent back NOT in the box it arrived).


Defective or damaged part inside the box:

Inspect your parts as soon as you receive them. If you receive a defective or damaged item, contact us immediately. We need pictures of the damaged item before sending out your replacement or refund. For some parts (especially electronics) we will need to have them resent back to us for inspection, if it is confirmed defective, we will refund the item value.

IMPORTANT, if you see any visible damage on the packaging, ALWAYS but ALWAYS open the box in presence of the courier or postal worker, if this is not performed, we cannot claim the insurance compensation, as insurers will simply tell us that buyer has deliberately damaged the item without any witneses.


Lost in transit:

If your package is lost in transit, a replacement or refund will only be issued after a lost claim has been approved by the shipping company.

Buyers who bid on the wrong item are responsible for shipping and handling fees if the item has already been shipped. Returning the order will be at the buyer's expense. All return requests must be made within 14 days after receiving the order. Items returned in poor condition or having parts missing will not be refunded.

Refunds will not be issued due to poor installation, or the customer's inability to install the part themselves.

We will not be responsible for any incorrect or undeliverable address.



Buyer satisfaction is our main objective. If for any reason that you feel that our service is not up to your standard and cannot provide us a positive feedback and 5 Star feedback rating, simply contact us first and let us fix the problem and make sure you are satisfied.