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  • OriginNew
  • OEM34211158992 / 34211158991
  • Side/place Rear, Left, Right
  • Region/Country of production Denmark
  • Ships out in 1 business day
  • Chassis compatibility
  • Model compatibility

3' Series
+316i M43,+316i M40
+318i M43,+318i M42,+318i M44,+318i M40,+318is M42,+318is M44
+318tds M41
+320i M50,+320i M52
+323i M52,+323i 2.4 M52
+325i M50,+325is M50,
+325td M51,+325tds M51
+328i M52
+316Ci M43,+316Ci N40,+316Ci N45,+316i N40,+316i N42
+316i N45,+316i N46,+316i 1.6 M43,+316i 1.9 M43
+316ti N40,+316ti N42,+316ti N45,+316ti N46
+318Ci N42,+318Ci N46,+318Ci M43,
+318d M47,+318d M47N
+318i N42,+318i N46,+318i M43,+318td M47N,+318ti N42,+318ti N46
+320Cd M47N
+320Ci M54,+320Ci M52
+320d M47,+320d M47N
+320i M52,+320i M54
+320td M47N
+323Ci M52,+323i M52,+323i 2.4 M52,
+325Ci M54,+325Ci M56,+325i M54,+325i M56,+325ti M54
+328Ci M52,+328i M52
Z Series
+Z4 2.0i N46
+Z4 2.2i M54
+Z4 2.5i M54
+Z4 2.5i N52
+Z4 2.5si N52
+Z4 3.0i M54
+Z4 3.0i N52
+Z4 3.0si N52
+Z4 3.0si N52
+Z1 M20


Shiping: $35.00

If you are not sure about the parts fitting your car, please email us your cars VIN.

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