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  • OriginNew
  • OEM31126783376
  • Color silver/aluminum
  • Weight 1,7kg
  • Side/place Front
  • Region/Country of production Germany
  • Engine type Fits all models of E46 3 series, and all E85/86 Z series
  • Chassis compatibility
  • Model compatibility

If you experience strange sounds from the front suspension of your e46 3 series or e85/86 Z4, this probably is the cause, due to worn wishbone bushings. Always verify whether this is the culprit, at local dealer or certified BMW workshop. Two parts per car, two parts in this offer. If this part of your vehicle is worn, it can lead to serious consequences of potential dangerous handling. It is highly recomended that you replace this part on both (LEFT and RIGHT) sides of your vehicle.


IMPORTANT NOTE - this part does not fit e46 M3/xi/xd (all wheel drive models)


If you are not sure about the parts fitting your car, please email us your cars VIN.

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